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In early 2021, VCSQI partnered with the Maryland Academic Consortium for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Appropriateness and Quality (MACPAQ) to enhance the film review process for our members.  This process was trialed with 2 member programs and feedback has been favorable.   

VCSQI is now offering this services to additional member of VCSQI at no additional cost. 


The Maryland Academic Consortium for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Appropriateness and Quality (MACPAQ) is a collaboration between the Divisions of Cardiology at the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland to assure quality of PCI services. The purpose of MACPAQ is to perform ongoing, blinded, independent external peer review that focuses on both quality and appropriateness of services as well as procedural outcomes and the accuracy of reporting procedures. The method of the review is a physician-led, random review of 5% of cases.


The goal is to provide objective feedback to hospitals and physicians. MACPAQ’s primary review includes a three-fold review of “appropriateness” of PCI. Appropriateness is evaluated based on the ACC/AHA guidelines, standard clinical practice, and a review of the angiographic stenosis severity. MACPAQ also assesses procedure outcome and quality and the accuracy of reporting. 

Who are the reviewers?

MACPAQ Reviewers are independent of Virginia.

Requirements are strict for the reviewers:

  • Board-certified in interventional cardiology,

  • Shall have practiced interventional cardiology, as evidenced by maintenance of hospital privileges and the provision of PCI services to patients, within the five-year period,

  • Shall have a lifetime PCI case volume over 500 cases, excluding cases performed as part of an interventional cardiology fellowship.

The Workflow


Sample Report

Below is a sample of the format that should used when sending the list of PCI cases

The list can be sent as a Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access file format:


  1) Hospital ID:     A numerical code can be assigned  for each hospital in order to blind reviewer to hospital’s name.

             (MACPAQ and VCSQI will pre-determine hospital codes to be used)

  2) NCDR  Number

  3) Date of procedure

  4) Operator ID

    A numerical code can be assigned  for each operator in order to blind reviewer to Operator.  Example Dr Stent ID:  0123

sample macpaq.png

Complete the form below, if you are interested in participating in this film review process. 


Thanks for your interest. A member of our team will contact you soon.

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