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VCSQI Atrial Fibrillation Prophylaxis Protocol

VCSQI Atrial Fibrillation Prophylaxis Protocol

The  "VCSQI Atrial Fibrillation Prophylaxis Protocol" is an essential guide developed by the Virginia Cardiac Services Quality Initiative (VCSQI) to combat the common post-operative complication of atrial fibrillation in cardiac surgery patients. Atrial fibrillation can significantly delay patient recovery, extend hospital stays, and increase medical costs.


This protocol outlines a proactive approach, starting from pre-surgical preparations to post-discharge management, focusing on medication strategies to reduce the incidence of new post-operative atrial fibrillation. Key components of the protocol include detailed medication guidelines such as the use of Amiodarone and Lopressor, specifying dosages based on patient weight and conditions, and providing clear exclusion criteria for each medication to ensure patient safety.


The document is structured to assist healthcare professionals in implementing these guidelines effectively, with sections dedicated to prevention medications, treatment of breakthrough atrial fibrillation, and post-discharge management. It also addresses the management of medications in response to specific patient heart rates and the use of pacing and anticoagulation therapies.


Ideal for cardiac care teams, this protocol serves as a critical resource in enhancing patient outcomes and optimizing the recovery process for those undergoing cardiac surgery. Obtain your copy today and empower your team with structured, evidence-based strategies to manage and prevent atrial fibrillation in surgical settings.

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