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Elevate Your Research with Expert Biostatistical Analysis

  • Unlock the Potential of Your Research: Are you a member of VCSQI with a groundbreaking research idea? Elevate your project with the critical insights and expertise of a biostatistician!

  • Call for Submissions: We invite all VCSQI members to submit their innovative research proposals. This is your chance to bring a novel idea to life with the support of expert statistical analysis.

  • Why Add a Biostatistician?: Biostatisticians bring a depth of knowledge in designing studies, analyzing complex data, and interpreting results, ensuring your research is robust, valid, and impactful.

Evaluation Criteria Highlight:

  • Showcasing Excellence: Proposals will be evaluated on Originality, Impact, Methodology, and Feasibility. Each criterion is crucial in determining the success of your research.

  • Scoring System: Each proposal will be scored on a 5-point scale by our dedicated Research & Writing Subcommittee.

  • Top Selections: The two highest-scored proposals will receive special recognition and support, marking a significant milestone in your research journey.

Closing Call-to-Action:

  • Submit Now: Don't miss this unique opportunity to enhance your research with expert biostatistical analysis. Submit your proposal today and be a part of an exciting journey of discovery and innovation!

  • Deadline: March 1, 2024

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