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Join the VCSQI Planning Committee: Help Shape Our Quarterly Meetings!

We are excited to announce the formation of the Virginia Cardiac Services Quality Initiative (VCSQI) Quarterly Meeting Planning Committee and invite you to become a vital part of our mission to improve cardiac care through collaboration, education, and innovation. As a member of this dynamic committee, you will play a crucial role in organizing and planning our quarterly meetings, which are essential for sharing knowledge, discussing advancements, and strategizing future initiatives in cardiac care.

Why Join the VCSQI Quarterly Meeting Planning Committee?

Our quarterly meetings are a cornerstone of VCSQI’s efforts to foster a community dedicated to enhancing the quality of cardiac services. By joining the Quarterly Meeting Planning Committee, you will:

  • Influence Meeting Agendas: Help set the direction of our meetings by contributing to agenda setting and content development, ensuring that each meeting is relevant, impactful, and aligned with current trends and needs in cardiac care.

  • Coordinate Speakers and Guests: Work with renowned experts and thought leaders in the field to bring engaging and informative sessions to our members.

  • Plan Venues and Logistics: Assist in selecting venues and managing logistics to create a seamless and professional experience for all attendees.

  • Enhance Member Engagement: Develop strategies to engage our members, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

  • Support Marketing Efforts: Help promote our meetings and initiatives through effective marketing and communications strategies.

If you are passionate about cardiac care and eager to make a difference, we want you on our team

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